Terms and Conditions Apartment 12

Service provider:
Pavel Opletal
in Bydhošťská 728/12, 181 00 Praha 8
ID: 66847630

1. General information
Pavel Opletal ID: 66847630 (hereinafter the "Landlord"), hereby issues under the provision, § 1751 Act no. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code, as amended (the "Civil Code"), these General Terms and Conditions ( hereinafter "GTC"):
The subject of these GTC landlord is to regulate conditions for realization of accommodation and related services to the Client (the "Client"). GTC are an integral part of all agreements between the owner and the Client. Confirming Offers landlord, respectively. Reservation Client (hereinafter "Reservation"), Customer acknowledges the following GBC binding for all the transactions related to the subject GTC.

2. Reservation
Order stay in the facility APARTMENT12 possible only in writing (mail, e-mail, or by completing and submitting a form on the website of the landlord) or by phone (in this case, however, the order shall be deemed accepted only after written confirmation.

Reservation can be done Client for himself or for a third party. Reservation can confirm landlord clients use the same form they were made. Reservations (Order) must include:
  • name and surname of the Client
  • date of birth of all persons
  • Period
  • Client contact information: phone number, permanent address, e-mail
  • method of payment for services
  • the number of these persons in the structure of adults x kids (children age)
  • type and number of these ancillary services (eg. sauna, taxi, half board, bed, accommodation of the animal, etc.).
The landlord advance bookings usually processed within 24 hours. Confirms preliminary reservation, sets options, rejecting the preliminary reservation, or proposes to the Client another term.

The order of stay is received written confirmation from the landlord. Client is obliged to familiarize with the booking confirmation and at least 8 hours to report any changes.

Reservations are mandatory. For a range of contracted services and prices is bound by the listing in the booking confirmation.

3. Payment Terms
To confirm the reservation is a deposit of 50% of the cost of accommodation, not later than 3 days after making a reservation. Advance payment means crediting the appropriate amount to the bank account 2201098488/2010, IBAN CZ0520100000002201098488, BIC FIOBCZPPXXX, adresa banky Fio banka, a.s., V Celnici 1028/10, 117 21 Praha 1 of the accommodation provider, unless otherwise agreed. If the backup client was properly paid, the landlord reserves the right to cancel the reservation and agreed to ask the Client corresponding cancellation fees pursuant to paragraph 6 of these GTC.

The price of accommodation and services, as well as a deposit, the Client shall pay either by bank transfer landlord (in this case it is necessary to be presented upon arrival accommodation provider payment receipts) or postal order, the Client will receive upon request a confirmation letter (in which if it is necessary to provide, upon arrival accommodation provider payment receipts) or in exceptional cases upon prior written agreement of cash to the attention landlord versus příjmovému cashier document.
The price includes a fee (accommodation, spa, etc.), which is levied in the amount determined by generally binding ordinance respective municipality.

Pay the price for accommodation must be paid by the opening date of the stay, unless the Parties agree otherwise in writing.

In case of default in payment Customer payments for services rendered landlord has the right to cancel already confirmed reservation Client and require the Client in addition to payment of the outstanding amount also default interest in the amount of 0.5% of the outstanding amount for each day of delay. The landlord reserves the right to apply any payment client to repay its debts eldest / oldest receivables, which / who has the Client overdue.

The client upon arrival is required to pay a refundable deposit of 100 Eur.

4. The rights and obligations of the Client
The client has the right to use an agreed period attributed to the apartment. Apartment passes to the Client on any given day from 15:00 to 
22: 00hod unless the landlord and the Client agree otherwise in writing. After a prior written agreement of the late arrival of the Client shall arrange for handing over the apartment for a fee CZK 350 in time 22: 00-24: 00hod.

The client is obliged to handle the Landlord's property sparingly. Each detected defect or damage to equipment, the Client is obliged to notify the landlord. The client is obliged to maintain order and cleanliness in the apartment and in the public areas. The client is obliged to observe the quiet period at 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 pm. The client is obliged to provide private (introduced) things so that they can not be stolen. The landlord does not insure these things, and due to the nature of accommodation and service conditions for these things excepted.

The client has the right to complain about any shortcomings of the services provided. The complaint must launch a timely manner without undue delay so that it can be remedied, if possible, on the spot.

The client is obliged to take up accommodation facilities take a bunch of keys to the building and apartment. Loss of key ring or in part, the Client is obliged to promptly notify the landlord. A bunch of keys is owned accommodation, the loss of the Client shall pay the costs associated with the replacement pads, keys, Chip etc., Respectively. additional costs that will be incurred landlord forced to eliminate this loss caused consequences.

The client is obliged at the latest upon departure to pay the agreed price, including any additional costs incurred because of special services requested by himself or guests who accompany him, including the statutory value-added tax.

The client is responsible for the people who came to him to visit throughout their stay in the facility and is obliged to accompany them as they pass through the common areas of the building. Client pays for visits to the same obligations as the Client. The landlord has the right, in its sole discretion, not to allow entry into another person or an object and then such a person from the building stations.

The client is liable and responsible for any damage they cause he or his guest, or other persons with the knowledge or under the Customer will receive services.

The client is obliged to deliver apartment accommodation provider in the state in which he took. In particular, he is obliged to make the final cleaning, take them out of the dishwasher, litter bins, sweep and wash floors, undress duvets and pillows and put sheets and towels in a pile. In case the client does not pass the apartment accommodation provider in the state in which he took it, the landlord is entitled to impose the Client cash fine of up to CZK 1,000, unless the client prior to commencement of stay at the accommodation booked and paid cleaning service.

The client is obligated to release the apartment the day of departure at the appointed time and within 10h. In case the client does not release the apartment in the allotted time, the Landlord is entitled to charge the Client next day residency or personal baggage evict the client and ensure that there is no restriction on the rights of other clients.

The client is prohibited
  • allow the entry, stay and sleep at the property to third parties, to borrow the keys from the property to third parties,
  • move furniture to another room or area without the consent of the Landlord,
  • smoke in the rooms, corridors, public areas,
  • intervene in the electricity, water, data networks and central heating,
  • swapping light bulbs for another with higher performance,
  • bring to accommodation and have use of space, respectively. room: flammable, explosive and inflammable substances, weapons, drugs (incl.), marijuana, bulky items, gas appliances, electric heating appliances, electric hot plates and washing machine,
  • modify or replace door locks,
  • pollute common areas and surroundings accommodation,
  • behave in the areas of accommodation animals of all kinds, incl. aquarium fish,
  • throw away from windows water or other liquids, furniture, appliances, personal items
  • consumption, food, garbage and any other things.

The condition for staying at the landlord, in particular respect for the fundamental rules of social coexistence, tolerance and mutual respect within the meaning of the Civil Code, compliance with the curfew, maintaining order and cleanliness in all areas inside the building and in its immediate vicinity. For violations of the obligations referred to these GTC landlord is permitted to recover the Client cash fine of up to CZK 1,000.

The right to accommodation in an accommodation facility expires on the last day of accommodation specified in the order confirmation accommodation Landlord.

Right on accommodation shall lapse immediately if the Client violates these Terms or grossly violated the rules of social coexistence and in the case if the accommodation provider does not pay in advance accommodation services. In this case the landlord may terminate the lodging services and no refund of the remaining amount for accommodation.

The right to accommodation in an accommodation facility expires on the last day in the period for which they are paid accommodation services . The client is obliged to leave the apartment and pass Apartmány including all the formalities to 10:00. Failure to comply with this obligation is subject to a fine of 1,000 CZK. In the event of termination of accommodation is not entitled to the allocation of alternative accommodation.
In the event that the client does not vacate the accommodation space in the previous paragraph, the landlord is entitled to possession of the Client at the Client's expense emigrate. The landlord in such cases treasures Client's assets for two weeks at its premises, at which time it can kill, or to collect and picks up things Client hires firm. Client for such a case authorizes the landlord to make his name as depositor, this has concluded a contract with the selected Custodian, under normal business conditions.

5. Rights and Obligations quartermaster
The landlord reserves the right, in exceptional cases, to offer clients alternative accommodation than originally agreed, if not substantially differ from the confirmed order.

Landlord shall have the right at any time to charge their services respectively. interim invoices.

The landlord may extend their stay Client only if it has lodging available spare capacity.

If the client terminates his stay earlier than agreed in the booking confirmation landlord is entitled to charge the Client with full payment, including services.

The landlord is entitled to terminate the provision of services to the Client and terminate the contract with immediate effect and without any claim to refund client when:

The client intentionally or recklessly damages property landlord or his behavior is contrary to the principles of decent social behavior, morals or harassed by their conduct third party client's health condition endangers the health of third parties and personnel, due to force majeure.
Passed Client's personal data specified in the order staying the landlord is entitled to use only the contractual relations between the owner and the Client.

6. Canceled conditions
If the client withdraws from the contract, the operator is obliged to pay the following cancellation fee of the total price.

Canceled fees:
30% of the price, if there is a withdrawal of more than 45 days before the agreed date of the visit,
70% of the price, if there is a withdrawal from 45-21 days before the agreed date of the visit,
100% of the price, if there is a withdrawal less than 21 days before the agreed date of the visit.
7. Final
These GTC are an integral part of the order list. For groups can be arranged another booking conditions. If the client does not receive these conditions, they are entitled to obtain them from the landlord. The client has an obligation to learn the terms before making reservations and landlord to provide conditions through its website, booking forms, e-mail statement on advance reservation and on-demand. Terms enter into force on 12 November 2016. Amendments and supplements to these conditions can be individually adjusted between the owner and the Client exclusively in written form.

V Praze, dne 12.11.2016
Pavel Opletal